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Having the right life insurance is pivotal in planning for the future of you and your loved ones. Life insurance can help you fulfill promises you’ve made your family when you are gone.

Don’t leave the future of you and your loved ones to chance. Mega Insurance can help you find the right life insurance coverage for you, and help ensure that your policy continually meets your needs.

Life Changes. So Should Your Policy

For each individual, the right life insurance will be unique and dependent on personal and financial needs. As your life changes, your life insurance coverage may need to change in order to adapt to your current needs. There are three overarching life insurance policies:

  • Term Life Insurance: provides protection for a specified period of time. It's generally less expensive than permanent (whole) life insurance and is available in varying time periods with fixed premiums.
  • Whole Life Insurance: it remains in force for your entire life, provided premiums are paid as specific in the policy. Whole life insurance can be an investment opportunity, as many policies can also build cash value over time.
  • Universal Life Insurance: A form of permanent life insurance characterized by its flexible premiums, face amounts, and unbundled pricing structure. It can build cash value, which earns an interest rate that may adjust periodically, but is usually guaranteed not to fall below a certain percentage.

Protect your loved ones and get life insurance today.

Having the right life insurance is essential to planning for your present and your future. Not only can life insurance provide assurance for your family after you are gone, but many life insurance options offer other benefits and investment opportunities you can take advantage of while you are living.  These benefits include:

  • Death Benefit: when you pass away, your life insurance provides income (tax-free) to your name beneficiary or beneficiaries that can be used to pay funteral expenses, mortgage, debt, tuition, estate taxes, or virtually any financial need. Your policy can help provide security for your business as well, by enabling partners to buy out the interests of a deceased partner and prevent a forced liquidation.
  • Investment: the cash value growth of a permanent life insurance policy is tax-deferred, meaning you do not pay taxes as it accumulates.
  • Loans: you can borrow agains the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy to help with expenses, such as medical expenses or starting a business.

As an independent insurance agency, we are able to shop for you and get life insurance quotes from a variety of our insurance partners.  We get to work in order to find you the best and most affordable life policy.  Instead of calling up different companies yourself, contact us and we can find the right policy for you from a variety of insurance companies.  To get the process started, you can use the quote form below, give us a call, send an email, or even stop by our office.  We look forward to protecting your loved ones by getting you life insurance!

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